I'm Mael, a French wedding photographer. Based in Rennes, Brittany (after 11 years in London), I travel all over France and around the world.

My philosophy

Happy father of twins, in love but not yet married, I am a very social and curious being. Cuba, Norway, South Africa, Thailand, Greece, USA, Colombia, Vietnam, Scotland and so on. I draw from your emotions to tell your stories. I want to simply celebrate you through out my photographs.

My style

I love authenticity, natural light, softness, movement, nature and spontaneity. those are the foundation of my visual universe which translate in color and black and white. I try to show the real and beautiful you by catching real moments. I am a French wedding photographer who loves creating , listenning, learning, feeling and sharing of course.   Your satisfaction is my priority.

My list of dreams to accomplish before 60 years 

If you ever can help me check some boxes

Take a photo road trip to New Zealand[ ]

Go to an NBA game[x]

Discover Yosemite Nature Park in California[x]

Shooting a wedding in Fiji[ ]

See and shoot an aurora borealis[ ]

Doing the Coachella Festival[x]

Shooting a wedding in Japan[ ]

Caressing a lion without him eating me[ ]

Take a nap on one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world[x]

Discover Along Bay in Vietnam by kayak[x]

Sleeping at the Saint-Regis hotel in Bora Bora[ ]