Your wedding is coming soon and the time to choose your suit has arrived. It is a question of pleasing your future wife (the look of the first time is so important!), of pleasing yourself and of being the most elegant possible? I propose you in this article some advices to choose your wedding suit in 2023.

The subject is less popular but the choice of your suit for your wedding is just as important as the choice of your bride's wedding dress.

How to choose your wedding suit according to your personality?

For me, it starts with your personality. Your costume should echo your personality to make you stand out. Are you shy? Talkative? Adventurous? Reserved? Charismatic ? Courageous ? Bold ? I can assure you that your personality really counts, the choice of colors and materials are the proof.

How to choose your wedding suit according to your morphology ?

The cut of your suit will depend on your body type. You are of course free to choose what you really like. No one will stop you from wearing nice sneakers to your wedding if you feel like it.

What are the different types of wedding suits?

  • The 3-piece suit (jacket, vest and pants) is a great classic of the groom's outfit. I see it quite often. Elegant, both modern and traditional depending on the materials and colors chosen.
  • The 2-piece suit (jacket and pants) is also very common. It can be very dressy or more casualdepending on the choice of accessories.
  • The tuxedo ( double-breasted or straight jacket and pants: Deauville or Capri) is rarer but it has my preference for the photos. More modern and more fashionable, the tuxedo is the perfect party suit. With its atypical collar, the tuxedo is for me the ultimate in chic and elegance.
  • The tailcoat, more traditional and less requested by the bride and groom is also an option. They bring allure to tall silhouettes. Both vintage and chic, it gives a "royal" touch to your wedding!

Here are some examples seen on my weddings:

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